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Coming soon, a new development from Peih-Geesus inc. set to be released on the 1st of April, 2017 named Ratchet Fire Emblem, will put a new twist on Intelligent Systems' acclaimed FE series.

Created by OstianWendy. Rated R-18 and Mature for explicit sexual references, frequent cursing and gore.

Plot Outline

Waluigi, a noble of Musstashia, and his long-time friend Toadette (a.k.a. Whoredette when she's on stage), are plagued by the shadow of DARK MARIO! and his country, Castleshadowvania. Castleshadowvania's neighbour, Ydnewville, has been at war with Dark Mario's evil kingdom for centuries. Dark Mario believes Musstashia can help him win the war; but after he calls Waluigi fat and says that Toadette has Syphilis, the nobles of Musstashia and Ydnewville unite to thwart Dark Mario. Who will prevail? Who will lose? And who will find the cure to Syphilis?

Game Features

Each character has a UNIQUE class. The weapon triangle has been TRANSFORMED and does not exist any more, meaning combat focusses on stats. The interface from FE Fates returns and each of the special guests from Nintendo have ~unique~ art to show that we didn't rip Nintendo off. 



A creepy perv who is best friends with a pink slutty mushroom, Waluigi has always been an outsider. As a noble of Musstashia, his father, Boris (a completely new and canon character) wanted him to be a cool and calm and collected and cool man but Waluigi wanted to be different. At least he isn't fat. Anyway, he wants to THWART Dark Mario and let Toadette be his kween. He also wants to rule the continent of Copyrightia.

Class, Growth Rates and Stats



Waluigi's best friend and a total whore, she loves to sleep around. She was rescued by Waluigi's old girlfriend, Lady Lima, so they could have threesomes. Unfortunately, Lady Lima left the pair and they became a troublesome twosome. Can Toadette slay the evil Dark Mario? Oh, she also has Syphilis.

Class, Growth Rates and Stats

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