Aquarius tinashe


  • SAVE three tracks and OFF three tracks, and highlight your actions using the colors green/lime (for SAVES) and red (for OFFS).
  • The song with the most SAVE votes will be immune for the round. In the case of a tie between 2 or more songs, the users on chat will vote for which song they prefer win immunity; and the same thing with ties in what song is being voted off.
    • In the case of a second tie, the song that wins immunity/is voted off is randomized using, and a screenshot will be posted on chat by the host showcasing the result of the first randomization of the list.
  • A song is unable to receive immunity twice in a row, but can, then, receive immunity again two rounds after its last immunity ― meanwhile, the song with the most OFF votes will be eliminated and the process continues, until only six songs are left.
    • Once only 6 songs are left, immunity is dropped. Then, with 5 and 4 songs, users become only able to SAVE and OFF 2 songs. Finally, upon entering the top 3, users simply rank down the top 3, awarding 3 points to #1, 2 to #2 and 1 to #3. The song with the most points wins the Album Survivor!
  • Should a song hit 0 points, it is declared as K.O.'ed and cannot be saved anytime throughout the round. In the case that there's a K.O., no other songs should be eliminated in that round; unless there's more than 1 single K.O..
  • You cannot OFF a song that is immune, although you can still SAVE it.
  • You can only vote once per round, and can only SAVE and OFF a song once per round.


Aquarius tinashe

01. Aquarius - 5
02. Bet - 5
03. Cold Sweat - 5
04. 2 On - 5
05. How Many Times - 5
06. Pretend - 5
07. All Hands On Deck - 5
08. Indigo Child - 5
09. Far Side of the Moon - 5
10. Feels Like Vegas - 5
11. Thug Cry - 5
12. Bated Breath - 5
13. Wildfire - 5
14. The Storm - 5
15. Watch Me Work - 5
16. Vulnerable - 5

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