When a group of friends weather out a hurricane in an abandoned Motel 6 room, they make the most of their Saturday night with a cache of new, experimental drugs and a variety of alcoholic beverages. However after multiple psychedelic trips, their collective memory of the hours beforehand are forgotten and as a result, Reilly, Keegan, Syd and Chaz are left with a dead body and a heightened sense of paranoia.




Zero: Motel 6

The five of us were apart of the niche portion of millennials that refused to conform with societal expectations. Back then, it was ingrained in our minds that education was essential in having a potential future. Our mutual outlet of escape from the strenuous ins and outs of everyday life were packaged in cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon and boxes of Marlboro.

As a little unit, we redefined the term 'no collars' when we simultaneously dropped out, packed our most valuable belongings in a rented Jeep Wrangler and went on the road together. But, after being teased with that opportunity of something perfect, everything went downhill from there. Our original plan was to drive until we reached the west coast. That never happened.

It was probably a week into our road-trip, the weather forecast failed to predict the incoming hurricane. We managed to find an abandoned Motel 6 in the middle of nowhere before anything got too intense. Once we were all settled in a large room - combination of two conjoined rooms due to the dividing wall being completely annihilated - Keegan thought it would be a good idea to unveil a cache of hallucinogens and a cooler of ingredients to make sizzurp. The cacophony caused by the rain pounding against the gravel outside of the room was drowned out by music, everything in general being relatively chill.

They would say that whatever took place on the night was my fault; I would probably attempt to justify my actions, claim it was some 'psychedelic daydream' and blame it on the hardcore shit I had taken hours before, but then I'd know subconsciously it wouldn't be the truth.

Of course it wasn't intentional. If only the alcohol didn't remove her filter, she wouldn't have insulted me and I wouldn't have been triggered enough to kill her...

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